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John Harrison
MfR Practice Lead
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John Harrison leads QMR's Managing for Results Practice and the practice's Strategy and Leadership business line. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, John is a long time resident of the National Capital Region. After graduating from the University of Ottawa, and prior to embarking on his consulting career, he spent 14 years as a manager in the Research Branches of Agriculture Canada and National Defence and with the Department of the Secretary of State. He was also a trustee with the Carleton Board of Education.

Since leaving the public sector in 1989, John has become a leader in the North American consulting community in assisting public sector clients with the implementation of sound management practices. During his public sector and consulting career, he has led projects as diverse as the transformation of the contracting out of translation for the federal government, the implementation of an activity-based costing system within Canada's largest government department, the development of strategy management and integrated planning and reporting systems for government organizations nationally and internationally, the development and implementation of Program Alignment Architectures and Departmental Results Frameworks in federal government departments and agencies and the development and implementation of more than 100 program Performance Measurement Strategies/Performance Information Profiles and performance measurement frameworks. 

John is a former member of the Board of Performance and Planning Exchange, a Canadian-based international centre of excellence for learning, sharing and developing expertise in performance and planning - including its measurement, implementation, public reporting and measurement. He is a also a co-founder of Canadian Government Executive and Vanguard magazines. 

In addition to his consulting practice, John annually delivers 50 to 75 days of workshops and presentations on integrated management, strategic and business planning, performance measurement and risk management. He is a frequently invited guest speaker at national and international management conferences and workshops and in the past 25 years has trained thousands of public sector executives, managers and practitioners on managing for results principles.

Active in his community, John is a former President of the South Nepean United Soccer Club and Founding Board member of the Ottawa South United Soccer Club, has been a volunteer and fundraiser for a number of charities and currently sits on the Board of the Multifaith Housing Initiative, a not-for-profit charity focused on providing safe and affordable housing. He shares a love of sports and music with his wife and two sons and is a passionate fan of the Sens, RedBlacks, Fury, Blue Jays, Raptors and Kansas City Chiefs. 

Sam Gelman
MfR Consultant
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Over the past 30 years, Sam Gelman has had the privilege of working in the federal government as an employee and as a management consultant. His career has been distinguished in two ways: by the breadth of experience gained through working with executive management in over 20 federal government departments and agencies; and by the scope of work undertaken. This has included:

  • Treasury Board Submissions and Organization Transformations: securing funding for the re-design of existing program organization structures, business processes, and performance measurement frameworks in Natural Resources Canada, National Research Council, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC); also securing funding for new policies and programs in Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, Canada Border Services Agency, the Ministry of Transport Ontario, and Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities Ontario; (2000 to present) 

  • Operational Reviews/Evaluations: on behalf of PWGSC and National Defence,  the conduct of 13 lessons learned studies of the full planning and construction life cycle of new buildings as well as major retrofits; (1990s)

  • Value for Money Audits: the conduct of audits on behalf of the Office of the Auditor General on the operational management of CF-18 Fighter Aircraft, Aurora Surveillance Aircraft, and Coast Guard Operations; materiel management practices in five major departments; forestry research management at five stations and agriculture building portfolio and research management at three stations. (1980s to early 1990s)

As part of these assignments, Sam serves as a coach and mentor to managers and operational personnel. He informs them on alternative business models and decision making tools/strategies, critical relationships and interdependencies. Equally important, he advises on how to apply central agency policies, directives and standards. In addition, he develops user friendly manuals and guides (e.g. grants and contributions programs; monitoring) to inform personnel on strategy development; operational planning; roles, responsibilities, authorities and accountabilities; business processes; and results based management practices.

Much of Sam’s success has been built around investing significant amounts of time gaining an understanding of his clients’ culture(s) and working relationships. This knowledge has enabled him to be a bridge builder between divisions, Branches, and stakeholder organizations. 

Away from the office, Sam soaks up life by getting physical via hiking, cross-country skiing and gardening. For inspiration and renewal he goes to art galleries with his wife Ellen, an art historian and creative genius, and takes in jazz and blues festivals.

Mike Haley, M.Sc.
MfR Consultant
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Mike Haley leads the Resource Management and Costing business line in QMR’s Managing for Results Practice. Mike is also President and Founder of Landmark Decisions Inc., a Halifax-based niche consulting practice providing worldwide “performance alignment” consulting & facilitation, training, and implementation services to both public and private sector clients.


By partnering with QMR, Landmark brings over 25 years of experience in supplying guidance and advice on the development of both strategic and operational planning and modeling techniques which help organizations improve their business decision making capacity. Landmark also partners with leading technology vendors to help clients realize the value of enterprise-wide technology solutions that support resource planning, performance reporting, and business process/cost management. 


Mike has worked with clients worldwide in the training, technology transfer and general application of performance, resource, and cost management techniques to both the private and public sectors. Private sector clients include Air Canada, Allstate, Kroger Foods, Maersk-Sealand, Nomura Group, Pfizer, Telekom Malaysia, and the University of Sydney. Public sector clients include a wide variety of Federal, Provincial/State and Municipal Governments such as Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Health Canada, Transport Canada, Treasury Board Secretariat, Veterans Affairs, Ontario Ministry of Finance, City of Charleston, US Navy and various departments in the New Zealand Government.


Mike currently serves on the national Board of the Performance and Planning Exchange, an Ottawa-based international centre of excellence for learning, sharing and developing expertise in performance and planning – including its measurement, implementation, public reporting and management. Mike also serves on the Halifax Chapter Board of the Financial Management Institute of Canada, another Canadian not-for-profit volunteer association focused on knowledge sharing in all aspects of public sector financial management. Mike also partners with CPA Canada and is a regular speaker and workshop leader with them and various CPA provincial bodies on the topics of operational planning, budgeting, and cost management.


Mike holds a Masters of Science (Chemistry) from Dalhousie University in Halifax and when not on the road, enjoys playing field hockey, golfing with friends, following basketball, noodling on his guitar, and enjoying two great locations in Nova Scotia (Halifax and Lockeport) with his wife and three sons.

Michel Laurendeau leads the Evaluation business line in QMR’s Managing for Results Practice. Michel is also President and Founder of SIRRIS, an Ottawa-based practice providing consulting, training, and implementation services to government and public sector clients. He has also been teaching performance measurement and evaluation at l’École nationale d’administration publique (ENAP, University du Québec à Gatineau).


By partnering with QMR, Michel brings over 35 years of experience in performance measurement and evaluation in the Canadian federal government. He has occupied the position of Director of Evaluation in a number of departments and was the Manager for Policy Development and Implementation at the Centre of Excellence for Evaluation in the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS). While at TBS, he was involved in the Secretariat efforts at repositioning the evaluation function in a more strategic way within government, including the 2001 renewal of the Evaluation Policy, and was responsible for the development of the approach to Results-based Management and Accountability Frameworks (RMAFs) that brought evaluation and accountability requirements in line with results-based management. He also helped create proper linkages between the RMAFs and the Program Activity Architectures within the TBS Management Resources and Results Structure (MRRS) Policy.


Michel is a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society and has been actively involved in the advancement of evaluation as a field. He is currently involved in efforts to better integrate performance measurement, audit and evaluation practices within the federal government.


Through evaluation projects and his participation in numerous departmental and interdepartmental steering/advisory committees, Michel has gained significant experience in interacting with management and addressing management needs and concerns with regards to performance measurement and evaluation. His extensive knowledge of government policies and operations allows him to address management issues and develop recommendations that are useful and supportive of management decision-making processes.


Michel plays in a semi-competitive senior hockey league. During the summer, he enjoys jogging, playing golf with friends, and doing landscaping/maintenance work on his property.

Alison Taylor leads the Performance Measurement and Program Design business lines in QMR’s Managing for Results Practice. Alison has a broad understanding of public sector challenges with over 28 years experience with the federal government, including 11 years with the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) and Privy Council Office. She has direct experience in policy (copyright, telecommunications, broadcasting),  program development,  performance measurement and evaluation. She has earned a solid reputation as a strategic thinker and change agent with strong negotiation skills and client/service orientation and a proven ability to build consensus and manage complex files based on extensive central agency and line department experience.

Alison has pioneered innovative approaches to building capacity and productivity in performance measurement, evaluation and service delivery. During her tenure at TBS,  she was part of a small team led by Kevin Page that conceived and implemented the Program Activity Architecture to support program-based reporting on spending and results for which she received the TBS Merit Award  TBS Outstanding Team Award. She participated in the first round of TBS expenditure reviews and pioneered the first horizontal framework for Aboriginal spending ($6 Billion) that involved multiple departments. Alison helped establish the Office of the Auditor General Liaison function at TBS and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and the first Evaluation functions at Infrastructure Canada and Shared Services Canada (SSC). In her capacity as Director, Evaluation at SSC, she developed and led a departmental strategy to build capacity in performance measurement and develop new models for measuring Information Technology services. Alison was a People’s Choice Award recipient for this work. 


Ms Taylor brings a unique and holistic approach to public sector business transformation that integrates risk and resource management, performance measurement and legislative and regulatory requirements. Ms. Taylor was selected as the only international candidate for the Lean Blackbelt Program at the Peak Academy, Denver Colorado in 2015 and has taught Lean bootcamps and courses at the Institute on Governance.   


Throughout her career, Alison has made significant contributions to building public service capacity. She co-founded the professional organization Canadian Women in Communications (CWC) and established the Jeanne Sauve Award at the Department of Canadian Heritage.  Alison is a strong proponent of sharing insights and has delivered many papers and presentations based on her work in service efficiency and performance measurement. She also serves as the Senior Advisor of Leadership and Conferences and has a permanent column entitled “Executive Insights” in the Canadian Government Executive Magazine.

Alison is passionate about cycling and downhill skiing.

Martin Ruben  
MfR Consultant
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Martin Ruben leads the Governance and Accountability business line in QMR’s Managing for Results Practice.  Martin is from Winnipeg, Manitoba and also lived in Ottawa and the Cayman Islands. He currently resides in the beautiful village of Victoria by the Sea in Prince Edward Island. Martin spent 30 years as a director with the Office of the Auditor General of Canada and 8 years as a director with the Office of the Auditor General of the Cayman Islands before starting his consulting career with QMR.


While working in the public sector, Mr. Ruben acquired significant experience in several disciplines including project management, information technology development and implementation, results-based management, policy development, performance audit, financial audit, risk management, and public sector governance.

In his role as Director of Performance Audit in the Cayman Islands, Mr. Ruben led efforts by the Office of the Auditor General to deliver professional development opportunities for the public sector through an annual development workshop and ongoing informal consultation with management and boards. The annual workshop formed the basis for the development of an international finance conference.

Martin is a Chartered Professional Accountant who was conferred a Fellow designation in 2013 for service to his profession. Over the years, he served his Association on provincial boards, committees and also acted in an advisory capacity. He served as the Ottawa Chapter Chair in 1994. For almost 20 years, Martin was a committee member of the annual Financial Management Institute I Professional Development Week and was its co-chair for two years.

Martin is a Rotarian who has served in several leadership roles. Most recently, as a member of the Rotary Club of Charlottetown, Martin was voted in as the President-Elect and Director responsible for Youth Services. He is also the District lead for the Rotaract program. In the past, Martin served on the boards of several community-based organizations including the Textile Museum in Almonte, On. and the Valley Players of Almonte.  Martin, who loves to golf, fish and garden in his spare time, is married to Leslie-Ann and has two children and four grandchildren.

Art Stewart
MfR Consultant
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Art Stewart brings to QMR senior executive experience with several departments, central agencies, and not for profit organizations, successfully bringing about innovations across a wide range of corporate governance, comptrollership, performance measurement, and human resource management fields. He has excellent people, policy, financial, and project management experience.


Art is a regularly published author (150+ articles) in the fields of management, performance measurement, and audit, especially fraud prevention and detection.


At the Office of the Comptroller General (OCG), he was Senior Advisor to the Comptroller
General of Canada on the design and implementation of a new government-wide 
comptrollership model and authorities, including the Federal Accountability Act (FedAA) and
financial management policy reform. As authority for the OCG’s internal audit planning, risk,
monitoring, and intelligence functions, Art established priorities and methodologies for the risk  
assessment, audit planning, and quality assurance functions of federal departments.

At the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Art led the implementation of strategies to establish the
Agency’s new and unique authorities, including an array of new regimes covering its Board
of Management, competencies-based human resources/staffing, annual reporting to 
Parliament, performance measurement/balanced scorecards, and Executive performance

And, at the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS), he piloted the Federal government’s first Employment Equity program for Crown corporations, the departmental performance report (DPR) prototype, and the departmental management assessment initiative (forerunner of the Management Accountability Framework (MAF)).


Art has twice been President, Planning and Performance Exchange (PPX), leading a 1,500-member national not-for-profit organization with a mission to enhance public sector knowledge and capacity in managing for results through symposiums, learning events, research and partnerships across Canada and with other levels of government.


Art is a proven executive leader: results-oriented, strategic thinker, complex problem-solver, and an articulate communicator. He has regularly advised deputy ministers and senior government officials, and is at ease with complexity, ambiguity, time and resource constraints.


Art has been a jazz aficionado for many years and plays percussion with the Ottawa New Horizons Band. He is also a member of its advisory board.

Jan Mattingly
MfR Consultant
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Jan Mattingly leads the Risk Management business line within QMR’s Managing for Results Practice. She is adept at helping organizations to understand uncertainties in relation to their goals, both threats as well as opportunities.

Raised in Saskatchewan, Jan since worked in Toronto and the National Capital Region with degrees and accreditation in and related to risk management from the University of Saskatchewan, Carleton University, the Insurance Institute of Canada and the Risk Management Society, New York.


She is federally, nationally and internationally recognized as a thought leader, author, practitioner and advisor on the subject of enterprise and integrated risk management design, assessment and implementation.  Her career includes strategic, operational, project and procurement risk within the public sector organizations and national non-profit levels as well as for private sector organizations in key sectors of the economy.


Jan has served inside three organizations as the lead enterprise risk role.  As an advisor she has helped over 60 organizations – public and private – to assess, design and advance risk management organization-wide and in major projects.   Following leadership and executive risk management roles in public and private sector organizations, Jan established a private risk management consultancy. 
Ms. Mattingly’s experience spans a range of industry sectors including transportation, health, chemical, oil and gas, financial services, post-secondary education, national security and intelligence, social services, utilities, telecommunications, research & biotechnology sectors.  


Jan is also an accomplished adult learning facilitator and trainer on the topic of risk management. She has taught and/or developed various risk management courses for RIMS and other non-profit organizations as well across North America. 

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