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   Investigators, Lawyers, Mediators, Trainers

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Workplace Investigation Streams

Following a rigorous qualification process, QMR Consulting & Investigative Services was awarded vendor status in 2018 on the Public Services and Procurement Canada led Investigative Services National Master Standing Offer for Workplace Harassment, Disclosures of Wrongdoing and Workplace Violence Investigations.


QMR is qualified on three all three Streams of the National Master Standing Offer, a vehicle which is active until 2023.


Services offered (click for details)

  • Leadership Training/ Resilience

  • Policy Review/ Development

  • Workplace Wellness Restoration

  • Small and Large Group Training

  • Peer Review of Reports

  • Mediation - Arbitration

  • One-on-one/ Group Training

  • Respectful Workplace Training

Workplace Investigations Roster


QMR Consulting & Investigative Services actively maintains more than 50
Investigator consultants on our roster. Each of our legal professionals are
heavily screened, pre-qualified, and available on-demand, providing QMR
with the scalability and capacity to respond to all client requests, regardless

of specialization or turnaround time.

Our roster-based approach provides highly competitive advantages. The
Workplace Investigators we select for client engagement are actively
involved in understanding, advising, and responding to each Statement of
Work. This best practice ensures that the investigation objectives, scope,
activities, assumptions, and pricing are clearly understood, defined, and
documented well before contract award. With this high level of
commitment, there are no surprises, only results.

Workplace Wellness  Solutions


QMR Consulting & Professional Staffing also provides Workplace Assessments, Workplace Restoration, and Workplace Civility Training, the culmination of which is a workplace wellness solution aimed at discovering and resolving the root causes of employee dissatisfaction and kitting the workplace back together to achieve full employee engagement. 

With the amendments to Bill C-65, Federally regulated employers are now mandated to conduct workplace assessments. A well-timed workplace assessment serves to protect the organization through the early identification of risks associated with the occurrence of workplace harassment and violence. When completed properly, workplace assessments may save the organization significant time and money by side-stepping the need for an investigation altogether.

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