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Our Strategy Management and Leadership business line helps managers develop and implement long-term strategies that are inspiring, aspirational and achievable.

Strategy Management and Leadership 

Effective leadership includes management capabilities and processes that enable organizations and programs to develop and execute strategies associated with renewal and re-alignment while continuing to deliver effectively on core business.

Central agencies are calling on managers to focus on the long-term impacts of their activities, and to set ambitious aspirations and stretch targets in environments that involve in many cases complex multi-sectoral accountability relationships.

Using proven tools and approaches, the strategy management and leadership business line responds to a broad spectrum of client needs related to:

Managing for Results (MfR) leadership: Working with management teams, our MfR team conducts and/or provides strategic advice on assessments of MfR capacity and capability, with a view to developing practical and costed MfR implementation and sustainment game plans;


Strategic analysis: Our MfR consultants deploy a variety of tools to identify trends, emerging performance gaps and risks, and sectoral change drivers of particular interest and concern...


Policy and strategy development: Our consultants assist clients in building the business case for renewal and re-alignment through:

- undertaking reviews of best practices that could be applied with customization;

- identification and costing of alternative programming, business models, and business processes;

- determining if the authorities needed to proceed (financial, legislative, regulatory) are in place or will need to be augmented/amended;

- development of Memorandum to Cabinet and Treasury Board Submissions.


Strategic priority setting: Developing criteria and facilitating management discussions for arriving at strategic priorities and their associated initiatives. The approach that we apply ensures that issues such as cost and risks to implementation are given the necessary attention and that initiatives which are not strategically relevant or do not have a strong business case are sent for further study.


Strategic direction-setting and alignment: Our consultants lead or participate in strategy sessions to achieve consensus on direction, to assist in determination of strategic objectives and their supporting initiatives, and to help finalize strategy maps and plans. Subsequently, we can lead or support decision-making for the mapping of these objectives and their supporting initiatives to the associated indicators and targets that will be positively impacted by these initiatives. Assistance can also be provided towards the costing of investments that support the strategy in that will appear in operational plans and budgets of organizations and programs.


Change management plans: We can help develop and implement the change management approaches that consider the impact of strategies on all personnel, from senior to operational levels, and enhance engagement in and support for the agenda for change.

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