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Our Program Design business line helps managers develop, implement and sustain cohesive and practical solutions that address program and service delivery challenges.

Program Design


We offer a unique integrated approach to reviewing existing programs and designing new programs to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness while at the same time, managing risk and respecting legislative and policy requirements.   Our multidisciplinary team has deep expertise in machinery of government, legislative and policy requirements and risk management.  We offer customized design/build strategies to revamp programs and services based on Lean methodologies and tools that have been adapted to the public sector environment.

Our objective is to ensure you have the most efficient and effective way to deliver services. Understanding how programs operate requires a comprehensive understanding of the full end to end service delivery process.   We use proprietary tools and methodologies that are specifically adapted to the public sector and integrate legislative and policy requirements, risk management and performance metrics and alignment to federal priorities to provide a holistic approach to changes in program scope and business processes.

Key elements of our approach are:


Business Process Improvements – Using a consensus-based approach, the development of streamlined service delivery models to reduce waste (cost, resources) and improve performance (e.g. service times, quality of service).  Development of Action Plans including change management strategies;  integration of risk management, legislative and policy requirements, governance and delegation of authorities (e.g. financial, HR).


Innovation Playbooks  and Management Reports – Strategic plans that lay out proposed program and/or business process changes and specific action items to achieve service and cost efficiencies; and identifies risk management and performance metrics to track and manage the action plan. The Innovation Playbook also includes recommendations to senior management to ensure leadership and support and address broader requirements e.g. financial delegation of authority, alignment of governance and accountability structures.


Performance Metrics - We support performance budgeting and linking financial and non-financial information to measure progress from current to future state and to assess service delivery improvements and funding requirements.


Advisory Services – Provision of advisory services and troubleshooting to support  implementation of program redesign plans,  performance measurement strategies and strategic advice to senior management on financial management, streamlining programs and services and integration of ongoing operational needs and change management.

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