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Our Evaluation business line helps managers clarify underlying assumptions of their program interventions and assess performance in a way that supports program improvements and resource (re)allocation.



We offer executive and operational managers an integrated approach to managing for results in a way that supports information requirements for effective decision-making at all stages of program development and implementation.

Our objective is to ensure you have timely, relevant and reliable information about your program and policies in a way that effectively supports decision-making processes for delivery adjustments, design improvements and resource (re)allocations, and that you also have the capacity to meet multiple competing demands including risk management, impact evaluation and performance reporting.

Key elements of our approach are:


Performance Measurement Strategies, preferably developed at the inception of a program or policy and revised periodically, which outline the data collection necessary to assist program managers to monitor the performance of their program or policy and support evaluation.  The Performance Measurement Strategies include, but are not limited to, the development of a logic model articulating the program/policy theory of change, a performance measurement framework, an evaluation framework and a discussion of integrated data requirements.


Evaluability Assessments that identify the readiness and capacity of the organization to successfully monitor program implementation and conduct impact evaluations that support management decision-making needs and requirements.


Evaluation Studies or Specialized Reviews that examine issues as per the TB Policy and Directive on Results, in addition to any other issues requested by program management, to reliably assess the delivery and outcomes of departmental programs and policies.


Advisory Services and troubleshooting to support the design and implementation of performance measurement strategies and performance information profiles, and the capacity to create and maintain ongoing performance measurement systems at the department, sector, program, initiative or policy level.


Training or information sessions on the development of performance measurement strategies to assist evaluators and program management with the establishment of an appropriate performance measurement system.


The QMR Managing for Results team has over 35 years of experience in providing the above services and successfully supporting management at meeting multiple competing demands and requirements. This is achieved through a participatory approach that involves you and your personnel at every step of the process, and systematically transferring knowledge and building capacity in a way that effectively responds to your needs.

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