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Our Capacity Building business line helps managers enhance their organizational capability to manage for results through training and coaching that go beyond what is available through traditional training options.

Capacity Building 


We believe in sustainable management for results practices and building a culture of continuous improvement.  Recognizing that moving towards a 'managing for results' culture and practices requires leaders to be knowledgeable in the area,  the Capacity Building Business Line exists to equip managers with the hard skills to manage for results through training and coaching in areas which are currently underserved through existing training and development options.

The QMR Centre for Management Excellence complements our consulting areas of expertise to ensure that managers have the necessary internal knowledge and expertise once our work with you is done and to address managing for results training gaps. 

Drawing upon the offerings within this business line, managers will have the capacity and ability to build and sustain integrated structures and processes that deliver results.  

Our training programs are firmly rooted in proven practices and tools and our focus is on providing practical hands-on training and coaching.   We can also provide customized in-house training, bootcamps, brown bag sessions and "clinics" for your team to address specific issues and challenges and provide solutions.

Regular training offerings are focused on areas such as:

Program Design:  Identifying the key barriers and wastes to service efficiency and economy; how to redesign programs and services to achieve maximum results with resources; how to integrate risk management, legislative and policy requirements; development of streamlined business processes and governance structures; how to measure progress from current to future state; how to manage resistance, change management and leadership support.

Resource Management and Costing:  How to undertake constraint analysis and capacity management; work planning, operational budgeting and forecasting, performance budgeting and linking service standards with resource and business requirements.

Performance Measurement and Data Analytics:  Development of Performance Information Profiles, selection of metrics and methodologies, addressing data gaps, strategies for data collection and performance reporting. Our approach is tactical and designed to ensure that the investments in performance measurement are reaching the targeted results.

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